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Featured in DYI Photography blog


Highly experienced photographer in all genres based in the Miami Fl, area. Born in 1983 in Philadelphia Pa, I’ve always had a knack for being creative. Throughout my early years I would constantly doodle on scraps of paper and scribbled down what ever my young mind could come up with. As i got older I took that creative energy and got into graphic design and 3D modeling and happily honed those skills for years until I bought my first professional camera and fell in love with the art of photography and videography. Now I dedicate most of my time capturing beautiful images or helping others bring their ideas to life when it come’s to either creating marketing content for businesses or just capturing the private moments you want to remember forever.


Photoshop (10+ years)

Lightroom (4 years)

Illustrator (5 years)

After Effects (7 years)

Premiere (5 years)

3D Studio Max (7 years)

Photography (7 years)

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